Run anywhere.
Compete every where.


Or, read about our interest in virtual competition.


Charitable solutions for modern athletes.

Understanding our vision for leveraging technology to help our athletes fulfill their commitment to #getfitforhope.

Pardon our progress! As a volunteer outfit, sometimes our reach exceeds our grasp—this is one of those times. Check back soon for a more complete explanation of our use of technology in service of our mission, athletes, and supporters.

In the meantime, why not explore the features we’re proud to offer active + aspiring athletes who register to run one of our virtual races.




Live Leaderboard

Competition draws out the best in us—that’s why our virtual platform offers a live leaderboard to spur healthy competition at every level.


Live Coaching

Each of our virtual events is hosted by at least one qualified coach who is committed to unlocking participants’ full potential—at any level.


Indoors & Out

Whether you’re running outside or on a treadmill, our virtual platform can track your mileage and pace. So no more weather-based excuses!


Group Chat

Thanks to a live chat feature, registrants can connect with other runners, contact our team, and even request a song before, during, or after an event.


Watch Compatible

While anyone can access our virtual platform via their smartphone, Apple Watch users are able to compete using just their watch.


Optional Music

Every event we put together a custom playlist designed to push you through the pain. But, if you’d rather rock your own jams, we get it.