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Fit For A Purpose

Seeing Through the Fog

By Jake Vermillion


There’s a place deep within each of us that’s like a well to draw inspiration from—it is full of moving feelings such as those you get from special moments in time or the memories of a loved one. These feelings stir our passions and push us toward greatness, fragility, and one another.

To reach the well, many of us have to push through a thick fog of fear that surrounds it. That fear clouds our vision as we struggle to glimpse our deepest desires. Many of us wish to be known, to make a difference, and to play a part in something greater than ourselves. Over the past eighteen months, I’ve found it takes courage to push through fear, it takes conviction to persist toward the things that inspire us, and it takes a community to help navigate the course that will take your passion and turn it into results.

Courage. Conviction. Community.

Those three things have allowed me—and so many others—to draw from the well of inspiration and to experience the joy that flows from making a difference and playing a part in something greater than any one person. That joy inspired me to create Fit For Hope. This nonprofit organization based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, works to help its members by promoting physical fitness with events and challenges so that they can, in turn, help others through charitable donations, spreading awareness, building a better community at home and abroad, and inspiring more people to do the same.

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