Fit For Hope® Grants $5,000 to Replace Roof


Today, we were honored to present a $5,000 grant to The Sonder Project to replace a damaged roof on a home belonging to Marion, a local who’s family was deeply affected by Hurricane Michael.

A resident of the Millville section of Panama City, Marion inherited her home from her father, relieving her of the requirement to carry home insurance. In her 60s, Marion has a single daughter with 3 kids, ages 19, 13 & 13 (twin girls).

Marion's daughter's home, located just east of Panama City, was destroyed by the hurricane. Forced to rent on the outskirts of town, Marion’s daughter doubled her commute to work and her twin daughters’ school.

Meanwhile, Marion’s 19-year-old granddaughter is living with a friend in an apartment building that is slated to be leveled.

By replacing the roof on Marion’s home, Fit For Hope athletes and supporters are providing a safe place for Marion, her daughter, and her three grandchildren to live.

Interested in donating your fitness (or finances) to help those affected by Hurricane Michael?

100% of every dollar raised will go directly to rebuilding the homes, and lives, our friends, neighbors, and colleagues in Panama City and beyond.

Jake Vermillion