JAN 11, 2020

Nat'l Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Join Us For The

Run For Freedom

Run any distance on January 11, 2020 to unlock limited-edition swag that funds the fight against modern slavery.


Human trafficking is the fastest-growing organized crime activity in the United States, making almost $32 billion a year for traffickers while destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocents—including tens of thousands of children.


That's why on January 11th, 2020, in celebration of Nat'l Human Trafficking Awareness Day, we're issuing a challenge to run any distance in support of survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.


Those who accept the challenge and #RunForFreedom will receive exclusive access to a limited-edition swag where 100% of proceeds will be granted top 501(c)3 organizations that provide resources to victims and survivrs in the U.S. and abroad.




Download and print your personal pledge to #GetFitForFreedom.


Snap a selfie with your printed pledge to get your friends involved.


Run any distance on Nat’l Human Trafficking Day (January 22, 2020).


Complete the verification form below to gain access to limited-edition swag.


Fund the fight against human trafficking by making a purchase before 11:59 PM January 31, 2020.


Where do I access the shop now that I’ve completed my run?

After verifying your run you should receive an email from info@fitforhope.com containing a special link to the limited edition shop. If you haven't received that email or are having trouble accessing the shop, contact us.

Can I complete my run before or after Nat’l Human Trafficking Day?

Of course! But, we'd really encourage you save the date and complete your Run For Freedom on Nat'l Human Trafficking Day to ensure your friends and family know whose freedom you're running for.

Where can I find information about running with others in my area?

We'll be keeping a running tab of self-organizaed group runs here. If you're interested in organizaing a group run in your area, let us know here.

What if I don’t track my runs with Strava, MapMyRun, etc? Is there another way to verify my run?

Totally! Just snap a pic during your run and post to social media with the hashtag #getfitforfreedom. Not on social media? See the next FAQ.

What if I’m not on social media? Is there another way to verify my run?

Absolutely, you can either link to your run on Strava, MapMyRun, etc., email a GPX file to , or simply attest that you ran for freedom here.

Where are the proceeds from the run going?

As with any #getfitforfreedom event, proceeds from donations and Run For Freedom swag purchases will be granted to vetted 501(c)3 organizations that provide resources to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in the United States and abroad.

Where can I learn more about human trafficking?

You can visit our dedicated resource page with facts and figures about human trafficking, our passion for supporting victims amd survivors, and the 501(c)3 organizations we've partnered with in the past.


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