In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, thousands of low-income families have suffered catastrophic loss, including the loss of a safe place to live.

That is why we are partnering with organizations and caring individuals across the panhandle to help ensure that every affected family has access to safe housing.

By contributing our Emergency Response Fund, you can play a critical role in providing shelter to those devastated by the wind, rain, and storm surge that made Hurricane Michael the largest storm to hit American shores in decades.

Make your life-changing gift now to be a part of the massive relief effort that will be needed to recover from this historic storm by clicking the donate button below.

100% of every dollar raised will go directly to providing housing for families in need.


Join us for Saturdays in Southport

Thanks to a few helpful connections, are team has been help clear trees and debris in Southport, FL—a small, tight-knit community north of Panama City that was devastated by the storm.

With the overwhelming need for volunteers capable of spending long days operating chainsaws and hauling heavy debris, helping rebuild Southport is a perfect opportunity for the Fit Fit Hope community to make a tangible impact on those affected.

Will you spend just one Saturday a month restoring hope to the residents of Southport?


RSVP For Saturday, Nov. 10