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Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best.
— Nancy Pearcey

Well said Nancy, we couldn’t agree more! Which is why in 2019 we are excited to host monthly challenges for anyone who wants to test their mettle (or exploit a little extra motivation to stick to that daggum’ training plan)!


How It Works

Every month our team will release an epic new challenge on Challenge Hound, a platform that integrates with Strava, so you can track your progress and others!

At the end of each month, everyone who successfully completed the challenge will secure a coveted spot on that month’s Biscuit Board.

There’s no cost to join, but a $5 donation would be greatly appreciated. Just as the challenges change each month, so do the causes your gifts support.

As always, if you have any questions, would like additional information, or just love what we do and want to get more involved, contact our team at

Happy Suffering,
The Fit For Hope Team




Out of respect for the New Year (and all those Christmas cookies we know you “didn’t” eat), we’re going to kick-off 2019 with a milder brand of epic…



Dip into the waters of the new year with a bold—but feasible—test of commitment: average a mile a day for the month of January and add yourself to this month’s coveted Biscuit Board (plus unlock a limited edition badge!).



As cycling’s worst retiree ever, Phil Gaimon, said “Warning: starting Jan 1, food will have calories again,” which means there’s no better time to shed those holiday pounds (and make this month’s Biscuit Board) with a 100 miles of easy riding.

Are you #BiscuitBound?


What in the world is the Biscuit Board, you ask? Well… there’s only one way to find out: by complete this month’s challenge to prove your fluffy, biscuity goldenness.


Check back February 1, 2019 to see what's behind the oven door 🤭