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Bear Claw Classic

Trail Run For Freedom

20k Distance


10k Distance

Prove your grit by enduring 12.4 miles of blistering hot trail running along Scenic Highway 30A's Western Lake.


Soak up come sun, sand, and sweat while enjoying 6.2 miles of stunningly scenic, longleaf pine-laden trail.




Following the incredible success of its first edition, I am incredibly excited to announce that Fit For Hope will once again play a role in organizing the hottest trail run on 30A: the Bear Claw Classic Trail Run For Freedom.

In the eight months since organizing the first Bear Claw Classic (BCC), our team has worked hard to release a suite of new features for our fundraising athletes, supporters, and friends to be able to leverage their fitness to support amazing causes.

From hosting monthly virtual challenges, to building out an Ambassador Program, to forming new nonprofit partnerships for co-organized virtual charity races (like the Run For Hope on April 27th), our team is busier than ever.

That is why, in 2019, we are looking for partners in South Walton to take ownership of the BCC, and to help us take this event’s support of the global fight against gender violence and sexual abuse, promotion of our pristine parks and trails, and strengthening of our local fitness community, to the next level.

If you are one of those partners, or possibly know one of those partners, our team would love to discuss how we can work together to make this event sustainable, impactful for those it was intended to serve, and supportive of local business.

Regardless of how the BCC is ultimately organized this year, our team is committed to ensuring this event happens in 2019, and that its charitable impact, community service, and participant experience, grows each and every year.

With gratitude and excitement,


Organizer of the 2018 BCC



June 1, 2019

National Black Bear Day

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