Aaron Haugan

Fit For Hope® Ambassador
circa 11.2018


Aaron is the founder of Wild Run Adventures and host of The Bearded Journey Runner podcast, a venue for discussing the role running (and fitness) plays in the journeys of so many extraordinary people.

As an avid trail- and ultra-runner, Aaron constantly inspires those around him to enjoy the journey while chasing after their dreams.




09.29.18 Fit For Hope Pop-Up 001 37:21
06.09.18 Bear Claw Classic Trail Run for Freedom 1:56:59
05.19.18 Cruel Jewel 50 Miler 18:43:09
09.29.17 Grand Canyon R2R2R 48 Miler 18:30:00

Upcoming Events

11.22.18 30A 10K
01.20.19 Louisianna Marathon
02.02.19 Double Bridge Run
03.02.19 Snikers Marathon
I’m stoked to be apart of the bigger picture here. I appreciate the opportunity to wear the name, and to give hope to all around.
— Aaron Haugan

Q&A with aaron haugan

What does the phrase, “Get Fit For Hope,” mean to you?

It means to me, We can use our ability to get back to fitness, and help raise money, awareness to those in need.

Why do you think athletes should leverage their fitness to help others?

Using the talents, motivation, self-discipline to help other in need.

How did you become an endurance athlete?

I kept seeking something deeper, something that would challenge me longer physically and mentally.

What has been the hardest hurdle to overcome in your fitness journey?

Work. Long training runs and my work schedule don't always match up and something has to give.

What’s unique about endurance sports?

You get to see how long you can last. It's not short, it's long and your body has to hold up.

What’s unique about ultra-running?

The out of body experience. To see how in tune you are to your body and mind.     

What do you love about being an endurance athlete?

I love where it takes me. I've said before, true beauty is deep inside, you must go deep inside somewhere to capture the true beauty of the wilderness and find your inner strength.

What, if anything, do you dislike about being an endurance athlete?

Nothing, I love it all. So many stories come from how deep I can go and what I get to see.

How does your faith complement your pursuit of fitness?

Finding peace. It keeps me grounded knowing there is a bigger purpose.

How does it contradict it?

It can break you down and bring out demons you must overcome.

Why should most people (if not everyone) embrace sports or fitness of some kind? 

People should be active. It helps blood flow, it keeps bone and joints moving, and keeps the mind going. It provides a great feeling to be active.

Who are your role models?

My parents. Both have a unique thing I look for in guidance and how to pursue my true self.

What is your most important habit?

Drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day. It's the most important thing I can do while I train.

What are you looking most forward to in being a Fit For Hope ambassador?

I'm looking forward to being a small sliver of help in the BIG picture of what the name brand is all about. Getting and staying fit and providing hope for all those in need..