How It Works


Since our inception in January, our team has worked tirelessly to build the only platform specifically designed for any active or aspiring athlete to leverage their pursuit of fitness for good.

Learn how you can make a lasting impact on someone in need as a fundraising athlete:


Choose a cause

We partner with organizations across the world to offer our athletes the ability to fundraise for a cause that moves them! The first step on your #getfitforhope journey is to choose a campaign that aligns with your personal passions.


Create a fundraising page

Thanks to our partners at CauseVox, our fundraising athletes have the ability to create a personal fundraising page that they can use to share their story, track their fundraising, post updates, and thank their supporters.


Engage your community

After creating their personal fundraising page, our fundraising athletes have the ability to engage their community by posting updates to their page, sharing their progress on social media, and emailing their supporters directly.


Unlock discounts & swag

As our fundraising athletes hit fundraising milestones, they unlock exclusive discounts to brands like lululemon and Rudy Project, as well as free Fit For Hope swag to rep their commitment to the greater good.


Make your podium speech

Finally, after all the hard work of training fundraising, our athletes get to celebrate their success and impact having their video, blog post, or selfie shared with their supporters, and the entire Fit For Hope community.


Ready to start your Fit For Hope journey?


Get Fit For Shelter

With the devastation wrought by Hurricane Michael, hundreds of families across the Florida panhandle are in desperate need of shelter.

By supporting our campaign to #GetFitForShelter, you provide shelter to those affected.


Get Fit For Freedom

Every year, over 800,000 women are trafficked into sexual slavery, deprived of their freedom and stripped of their dignity and self-worth.

By supporting our campaign to #GetFitForFreedom, you can provide the help they so desperately need.


Get Fit For Housing

Family homelessness is skyrocketing, stranding tens of thousands of families across the United States with no place to call home.

By supporting our campaign to #GetFitForHousing, you can provide permanent housing to families in need.


Our Story

How three co-workers’ challenge to give hope by getting fit spawned a nationwide movement.

Fall of 2017, three coworkers made a pact to get off the couch, conquer a feat of endurance, and raise some money for a good cause while doing so. $32,000 later, Fit For Hope was born.



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